medical assistant icdc collegeYou’ve been there before. It’s the start of the work day, or perhaps even the end of it, and a feeling of dissatisfaction sweeps over you. Is this really what you’re going to spend the rest of your life doing? When someone asks you how work was, do you sigh and say, “another day, another dollar”?

These are all tell-tale signs that you’re bored with your job and aren’t getting the most out of your career. The good news, though, is that help might be on the way. According to a recent article, the medical assistant field is projected to be one of the top career fields in 2013. If you have a sick friend, and your gut instinct is to make them lemon tea and chicken soup, instead of sticking them in a germ-proof bubble until they’re better, then embracing your nurturing side by switching to a position in healthcare might be a great choice to rescue you from a deadlocked career!

ICDC College is proud to offer a Medical Assistant Fast-Track Diploma program that can be completed in as little as nine months. Graduates will have the entry-level training necessary to help run the administrative front office and/or clinical back office areas of medical and healthcare clinics. As part of the training for this field, students will take such diverse courses as:

  • Anatomy and Medical Terminology
  • Medical Assisting Laboratory Procedures
  • Medical Insurance Forms and Billing Procedures
  • Computerized Billing
  • Patient Preparation and Care

As a medical assistant, you’ll be qualified to work in hospitals, healthcare centers, medical clinics, offices, and laboratories, handling both administrative duties, as well as basic patient care. Recent changes to national healthcare policies have resulted in hiring increases in different parts of the industry, many of which benefit those with medical assistant training. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that hiring for medical assistants should increase by 31% through 2020,¹ so now is the time to switch to a career with a bright future!

ICDC College is proud to offer its Medical Assistant Fast-Track Diploma programs at its three Los Angeles-based campuses in Van Nuys, South Bay, and the Main Campus in Huntington Park.

Think you or someone you know might have what it takes to become a medical assistant? Then call (888) 926-4232 today! Or, fill out the form at top right to speak to an admissions representative and change your life today!

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