Las minute Valentine's day ideasYikes! How is it already Valentine’s Day and you don’t have anything planned for your significant other? This day can be stressful, overwhelming, and even expensive. But before you panic, take a breath and read some of the suggestions below to help make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one:

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? If you can’t find an available reservation, make dinner at home, light some candles, and play some soulful tunes. Make your partner’s favorite meal or something he/she has been craving. This shows you take initiative and are observant to your partner’s needs and preferences.
  • Make a thoughtful gift! Think of all the special, funny, and even trying times you’ve spent with your partner and handwrite a long letter expressing your gratitude and devotion. Think it’s sappy? It doesn’t have to be. Incorporate a favorite song lyric or an inside joke you two have, and adorn your partner with some witty, genuine thought.
  • Channel your youth. Go to an arcade, hit some balls at the batting cages, or go for a hike. Didn’t we all love movie nights as kids? Choose your and your partner’s favorite romantic movie, and have a film night.
  • Flowers/Movie tickets. Always a good idea.
  • Single? So what! Just because you’re not with anyone doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Maybe you are enjoying your time without a partner and would like to celebrate with a group of friends. Go out for dinner or have a soiree at your house. Though, don’t feel obligated to do something. There’s nothing wrong with running a bath, taking out the book you’re currently reading, and having some you-time.

Sure, not everyone likes to celebrate, but take this holiday as a reminder to show your partner, family member, or friend how much you care about them, and use it as an excuse to spend quality time with one another.

Happy Valentine’s Day from ICDC Life!