Humble pie, humilityLet’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy being praised when excelling at their craft? We all love the feeling of succeeding and thriving at what we’re good at, whether in a professional, academic, or athletic setting. Maybe you’re a competitive baseball player, have the best marks in your science course, or have the highest sales numbers at work — all reasons to feel proud. Sure, it feels satisfying knowing other people praise you for what you thrive in, but there’s a fine line between remaining humble while confident versus being arrogant and downright unlikeable.

You can be at the top one day and completely forgotten the next. So, when you maintain your humility while at the top, you never know of the people who will want to help you back up when others no longer remember your name. Remember, other people have encouraged, taught, or given you an opportunity to help you get where you are, so part of being humble is being that person for someone else. Even if you haven’t had much help, and feel you owe all your success to yourself, then be the individual who others can turn to and ask for guidance. Here are some tips on how to maintain your humility:

  • Help others. If you see someone in your class, company, or sport struggling with the exact thing you’re succeeding in, offer them some help.
  • Express your gratitude. When people compliment you or praise you, don’t forget to say thank you! Most importantly, thank others who help you or assist you.
  • Don’t be condescending. Don’t speak down to others; don’t act like you’re better than other people. Treat your teammates, classmates, and coworkers as equals. These individuals will respect you more when you don’t act as if you’re better than they are!

No one’s saying you can’t let yourself shine bright! Keep wowing people with your curve ball, your impressive grades, or your high sales rate due to your personable demeanor … just do it with a slice of humility.