Say hello in different languagesWe all know just how competitive the job market is. But there are plenty of things you can do to help your chances! Continuing your academic endeavors at ICDC College, having more work experience to make your résumé more attractive to employers, and acquiring an internship are all great ways to help you during your job search. But one beneficial tip to keep in mind, which will not only aid you during your professional career, but also enrich your interpersonal interactions or relationships, is to learn another language. If you already speak another language, use that skill to benefit you in your professional endeavors. Step one is to put it on your résumé!

Speaking multiple languages can especially be a resourceful advantage when working in a city with people from multicultural backgrounds. Listed below are examples of fields where you can use your multi-language skills:

  • Healthcare: There are always going to be patients who visit hospitals or doctors’ offices, yet are better able to articulate themselves using their first language, and doctors may need a medical assistant who speaks a language the doctor doesn’t. This can be a very beneficial quality to possess that sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Legal: Similarly, the legal field is another area that can use employees who speak many languages. Bilingual employees, who work in a court or a lawyer’s office as a paralegal, or in other areas in the legal field, can be a great asset. A lawyer may have a client who is better able to describe a specific scenario or answer certain questions using their first language instead of speaking English.
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling: This is an especially sensitive field where counselors often work with patients who are communicating personal information. During a session, there may be clients who feel more adept at describing their personal situations or relating to a counselor who understands them in the language they feel most comfortable speaking in.

Any profession that involves working with patients, clients, or even other business associates is a great opportunity to utilize your language skills! While it can help you on a personal level, it can also be a professional asset when in a business setting.


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