Let me get that door for you. Can I buy that cup of coffee for you? These are the phrases that should be coming out of your mouth today in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day. This unofficial holiday is set to inspire us to spread the cheer and altruism. Want to join the fun? Here are some ideas for something nice you can do for those around you:

  • Tell your instructor thank you for all he or she does for you
  • Pay a visit to an elderly friend or family member
  • Take a co-worker, close friend or family member out to lunch
  • Make dinner for your family
  • Take the time to meet your new neighbor
  • Write a poem for someone special
  • Help your classmate or friend with a homework assignment

Part of demonstrating this benevolence to others is to make someone else happy, even if it means sacrificing some of your time, money or effort. Also, showing kindness to others promotes the same behavior among others, so it just might come right back around to you. But if it doesn’t chances are you’ll feel glad enough having put a smile on someone else’s face.