When life handed Marvin Guillory some lemons, he decided he was going to make some lemonade with it – literally. For the past few years, this Alcohol and Drug Counselor– and celebrity chef – has found an inner peace that he never had growing up. Sober and determined to save people’s lives, Marvin Guillory proves that success can be found in goodwill and giving.

The thing is success wasn’t something Marvin was unfamiliar with. In fact he had already been in the army, graduated as an Army 19 Delta, completed his E4 in 13 months, and graduated from military Boot Camp and AIT with honors. But something deep inside wasn’t right.

“I hadn’t rectified my past through all this and I was using drugs as an escape instead of dealing with my issues,” said the seven-year’ sober Guillory.

Such issues included being abused and abandoned as a child, and overcoming a divorce. He had been functional in his daily adult life, but inside he was falling apart and he was tired of feeling that way.

“I became my first patient,” said Marvin. “I studied psychology and started to realize where my problems began and how not confronting them was damaging me. I knew I wanted to help others like me, so when I was told about ICDC College’s Alcohol and Drug Counseling program, I knew it was right for me.”

He enrolled in ICDC College’s online campus and earned his Associate’s Degree. His 4.0 GPA remained untarnished even with his externship, a side job of being a chef, and his role as a father to nearly 20 children (seven of his own and 15 children that belong to other family members). Surely this kind of drive and passion for his career was why he got hired on immediately at Bernie’s Lil Women Center.

“I had been studying to get certified for so long, and I was very nervous. But my boss (Bernie) assured me that I would pass because I was so dedicated to my work and studying. She was right.”

Since then, Marvin has been actively sharing his story with patients who come to Bernie’s. He understands their past and has a unique approach to helping them with their recovery. As a counselor who is also a chef, Marvin also brings cooking techniques into the lives of his patients.

“Everything is connected,” says Marvin. Your body needs a balance of things – exercise, healthy food, and spiritual growth. What I try to do is tell my patients to try cooking at home; it’s therapeutic and keeps their mind focused while they feed their bodies good food.”

Marvin continues to lead by example as he himself exercises, eats healthy and keeps himself spiritually and occupationally balanced. As a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor– and professional chef – Guillory took life’s sour circumstances and turned it into sweet success.

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