Thinking about where you’ll be in your career over the next few years? It’s never too soon to start setting yourself up to be in high demand within growing industries.

As a leading career school, ICDC College is a magnet for employers looking for people with just the right skillsets. Although the job market is tight, the phones in ICDC’s Career Services Office are ringing. Employers in high-growth industries are interested in graduates who have just the “right stuff” for the jobs!

“It’s possible to make yourself highly marketable,” says the Regional Director of Career Development at ICDC College. “It just takes smart planning and courage, but it’s well worth the effort for your future success!” He offers some great strategies to help you get there:

  • Put yourself in demand. Stay updated with your training and education! Job needs can change over the years and industries innovate and evolve. Make sure you’re “in the know” about demands of the marketplace. Some career fields may require a certification – such as in Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Paralegal work, and so on.
  • Know what the growing industries are! Learn where potential employers are. You can scour trade magazines, company websites and career sites. These are tools to help you find which industries or companies may be hiring, and what the popular jobs are.
  • Be a resource to others. When you’re looking for a career, you want to be seen as a leader, a mentor, and someone who’s resourceful – who knows how to get things done. You might even try freelancing or volunteering between your jobs.
  • Get well-connected. Make it your primary concern to network with others and stay connected—especially to those who can help motivate you or acquaint you with potential employers. Find out more about companies that are hiring by attending trade shows, business conferences and association meetings.

WHERE TO GET INSIGHT INTO CAREER PATHS? Through Career Services, ICDC College graduates receive valuable information about industries, potential jobs and career paths. Get the right guidance to build your successful future.


1. Some 40 percent of students who start college don’t graduate from the same school.
True or False?

2. Two years at an affordable career school before continuing at a four-year institution to pursue other degrees can be a valuable option.
True or False?

3. You should consider attending a career school after high school if you have no idea what career direction you want to go in.
True or False?

1. True. Students either pick a college that isn’t right for them, or they go to a four-year university because they think it’s expected—rather than looking into their options.

2. True. Career college is a terrific option, and ICDC College has four campuses in Los Angeles: The Main Campus in Huntington Park, South Bay, Van Nuys, and even Online—so you can log in and learn from the comfort of your home!

3. False. If you already know what career you want to pursue, and want to get going with training for it, career college could be a great choice for you. It lets you to focus on your future career so you can start changing your life today!

Now that you’ve gained some insights into what it takes to get going in the right direction, what will be your next move? Go ahead and get on the right road to success.