Andrew Seber

When Andrew “Andy” Seber was in training for Homeland Security & Investigation at ICDC College, his dream was to be part of an elite security force in the U.S. sports industry. Little did he realize he’d soon make it into the “big leagues” by being chosen for the security team at Super Bowl XLVI – to be held in January 2012.

Seber, who was hired at S.A.F.E. Management Security, is going to be on guard before, during, and after the Super Bowl, which will be played in his home town of Indianapolis. The S.A.F.E. Management Security company’s goals align with those of Seber’s in that it recognizes the importance of maintaining the safety of the public and the NFL players.

“The fact that I had my homeland security diploma from ICDC College definitely helped me get this position,” says Seber, who graduated September 30, 2011. ICDC College’s Online Career Services Advisors assisted Seber in his job search. “How often can you go to the Super Bowl for free?” he quips about his lucky job score!

Prior to gaining new skills in Homeland Security & Investigation at ICDC College, Seber’s career focused on technical support. He has been working full-time (from home) at Avaya for 17 years, managing voicemail for customers throughout the world. “I’m tech support so if something breaks, whether it’s in India or Germany, I fix it… and I’m able to do it remotely from the company where I work in Indianapolis.”

He notes that an increasing amount of work at his tech support job allowed for some outsourcing to employees in India and Argentina, since it’s a 24-hour shop.

“I spent a month in India training people to do my job. And then I spent another month in Argentina training more people to do my job. I thought, well, I am starting to see the writing on the wall… So I picked a career that they can’t outsource… they have to do it here.”

“I picked ICDC College because it provided the program for Homeland Security, and because it was online. I could still work full-time and go to school. I didn’t have to go to a college campus.”

When he was researching ICDC College, he found that under Indiana law, his ICDC College online school diploma would be recognized by local security companies in Indianapolis. It also helped that ICDC College is a nationally accredited institution.

Seber says he is confident that homeland security careers will continue to be available over the long-haul. “If I had to move around from city to city, I know that practically every big city has an airport,” he says. “And I can do security for sporting events, like the Super Bowl.”

He is looking forward to his upcoming security work, which is part-time, so he can continue in his full-time position with Avaya. He’s excited that S.A.F.E. Management will be responsible for high-profile work, ranging from guarding access to the press boxes to handling security for the team’s equipment. “I might get to see some exciting stuff. I might get to meet some celebrities and NFL football players.”

And though this Colts fan is slightly disappointed not to see his own home team play at this year’s Superbowl, there is no doubt that with Seber’s accomplishments – a full time career, online college graduation and now another part-time position – he is the true champion.

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